How to Make Stepping Stones - with a Cake Pan

You don’t need a fancy schmancy mold to make garden stepping stones; all you need is a non-stick cake pan! And you won’t even ruin the pan!

I stumbled on a new – and EASIER way to make mosaic stepping stones; it’s called the indirect method and it involves contact paper. I think these would make awesome favors or gifts for a garden wedding. Just get your maids together on a Saturday afternoon and have a stepping stone party. They’re inexpensive to make – and they don’t require much skill.

You will need:

Round non-stick cake pan (You could also use a heart-shaped pan)
Contact paper
Old plates or saucers that you don’t need (I got mine at the thrift store)
Glass gems
sea glass (optional)
marine varnish
Mosaic Glass Cutter
(Optional. I did not use of of these, but if you want more precise cuts, this is the way to go.)
chicken wire or other type of wire mesh
safety glasses
rubber gloves
dust mask
Put your safety glasses on. Place a plate or saucer inside a cloth bag or cover with an old sheet or towel, and smash it with a hammer. If you have a mosaic glass cutter, use it instead.

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