Important Gardening Tips And Uses for Epsom salts

 Increased Nutrient Absorption

Applying Epsom salt to the soil helps facilitate the uptake of organic soil nutrients and the faster absorption of plant nutrients reducing to a minimal level if not eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.

Beautiful, Bountiful Roses

Epsom salt due to the abundance of magnesium is plays a very important role in flower bloom formation. This is of significant importance to rosarians , Horticulturists will agree that application of Epsom salt helps roses to produce larger blossoms in greater numbers in flowers. Epsom salt also increases chlorophyll production meaning faster growth rate for roses.

Counter Transplant Shock

Epsom salt can also play a vital role in the transplants of nursery plant s to the field. Epsom salt assists plants in adapting to their new environment and also help injured roots overcome transplanting shock.

Note that it is important that Plant roots does not come in contact with salt when adding a layer of salt around them..
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