How to Grow Mango Tree in Pot

Mango is tart, spicy and sweet in flavor. Also called as king of fruits, it’s a fruit of tropical plant called mango tree, which is not frost tolerant and dies easily if temperature drops below 30 F. It needs lot of space to grow, too. If you’re short of space or live in colder zone then growing a mango tree on ground is impossible. Good news is that you can grow mango tree in pot.
Growing Method

Propagating it from seed is a bad idea because it may take up to 8 year to produce fruit and even after that there’s no guarantee if it’ll ever produce fruit or not and of which variety. The smart idea is to buy a plant. There are lots of varieties of mangoes so it’s best to ask in local nursery for the dwarf variety that does well in container.

Choosing right variety & Planting

A dwarf mango tree grows up to 2-4 m. tall and is suitable for container. There’re some specific dwarf varieties of mango tree that you can grow in container— Irwin and Nam doc mai are best. Some other varieties you may try are King Thai, carrie, cogshall, glenn and Palmer.

Plant it in a planter according to the size of plant and regularly update the planter as the plant gets bigger. If you live in colder region, use dark colored pot because mangoes loves heat and black color has tendency to absorb it. Make sure your pot has good drainage holes; a mango tree doesn’t like moist soil. You’ll need too move your mango tree pot indoors in winter if you don’t live in frost free area so make sure you can move your container easily.
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