How To Vegetable Garden Using A Garden Spiral

Today, I am sharing How To Create A Small Vegetable Garden Using A Garden Spiral! I am really excited to share this as it was my big spring must do project. Not to mention I love how it turned out! This is also right next to my patio where we sit and entertain…I love that it is pretty to look at as well as functional.

For the last four years, I have planted a small vegetable garden at the corner of my house near my patio. Nothing to elaborate, but fun to watch grow and enjoyable to cook with homegrown vegetables. Last year, I stumbled upon a photo of a herb garden and thought that this technique was perfect for my small vegetable garden. Part of the problem in my tiny garden was that the zucchini plants would overtake the space and dwarf all the other vegetables. I love to cook with zucchinis, so I didn’t want to stop planting them…but they get crazy big.
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