How to Make a Modern Vegetable Garden

This modern, modular garden project works well in any space. Because it uses wood containers, you don't have to worry about the quality of your existing soil, and they can sit on any surface: grass, concrete, gravel or even a wooden deck. The garden's vertical orientation lets you grow a whole bunch of veggies, herbs, and flowers in a tiny footprint.The boxes are customizable to fit your space - all you need is solid wall or fence to attach the structure to, and you can put this guy anywhere.

Tools and Materials: 

Miter or circular saw
Cordless drill and 1⁄8 inch drill bit
Staple gun and 1/2 electric cord staples
Tape measure
Safety glasses and dust mask
Tin snips or cutting pliers
3x  8' long cedar  1x8s
4x 8' long cedar 1x3s
16x 8' long cedar 1x2s
1 roll of wire hardware cloth, 1/2" gap
1 roll weed blocker fabric
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