Le goutte à goutte solaire est un système d’arrosage très efficace, simple et économique qui peut aider des millions d’agriculteurs dans le monde à obtenir une augmentation de leur production tout en utilisant jusqu’à 10 fois moins d’eau.
Do you want to grow your own garden at home but are space confined? Now there’s a solution for you! Here is a new concept in home gardening called Triolife Plant Pyramid that allows you to plant any type of garden in a limited space by growing vertically! Isn’t it innovative? The design is very unique and looks like a staircase garden. Actually its patented design allows the root system to take advantage of a large soil volume to ensure maximum growth for all of your plants. Another interesting fact is that when you point one corner of the Triolife Plant Pyramid north, it will ensure all sides get sun. This vertical garden is very practical for urban gardening.
Berry is the mature fruit of berry tree, also known as berry fruit, berry date.
Farmers like its ripe fruit because it is sweet and juicy. It's one of the popular fruit people eat.
Mature berry taste good, with a large, flesh, purple color and lot of sugar.
Harvest in April to June each year when the fruit is ripe, some people brew wine with berry.
Planting seedlings in a pot : amazon
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