Container gardening isn’t only for savvy urban gardeners and folks with limited space to grow, it can also be for folks who want to maximize their yields in a controlled environment. Not only does growing potatoes in a barrel reduce the amount of weeding and exposure to pests and fungi, you don’t even have to risk shovel-damage to the tender potatoes by digging them out of the ground when they’re done, just tip the container over!
Sprinkle Baking Soda on Cabbages (and other Brassicas) to Thwart Caterpillars If those small green cabbage worms have been making Swiss cheese of your cabbage, broccoli, and kale plants, try this trick:
If you have a tiny backyard, poor soil or just want to make your husband nuts by tossing wood pallets all over the backyard, I highly suggest hunting down a few recycled wood pallets, {chemical free of course}. My wood pallet garden is still in early stages.  My plan is to weed the surrounding area, haul in a few wheelbarrows of dirt, and then plant a few perennial flowers around the tree trunks.  I wanted to show you the “before” picture now in case you wanted to implement this garden idea in your very own backyard.
The HOMEGROWN Village will feature food makers and food growers, as well as experts in modern homesteading topics like greywater catchment, vermicomposting, kombucha and eco-building methods. We’ll be highlighting some of the Makers here over the next few weeks.

We told you about Window Farms a couple of years back, and now their community of experimenters and urban farmers has documented quite an impressive collection of projects.
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