Succulent Garden Planter Designs and Display Ideas

I usually use the cheaper Garden Hanging Baskets with the shaped coir liner, as these are easier to plant into than the better quality coco fiber type. This one is in a package of 10, so you can make several spheres. Any size will work, from 10 inches in diameter to 16 - keep in mind, the bigger the sphere, the heavier it will be!
Sometimes, cheaper is better.

I found these at a dollar store, but I've also seen them priced economically at larger box stores, in their seasonal department during the summer, or wait until they sell them at a deep discount in the fall; these are fine to make in the autumn, and the plants will overwinter in them rooting happily (hardy succulents, anyway).

For this project, buy two wire hanging baskets the same size. The ones shown here are just under 30cm (12 inches) across - there are many sizes available, and many shapes.

Find the dome shaped ones - any other shape won't make a globe.

I have used bigger ones, but they are accordingly heavier to display and move, so they can only be placed on a sturdy frame or terracotta pot to show them off.

Hanging them requires extremely strong wire or chain, as well as a sturdy hook to hang them on, as well as a safe place to hang them.

As these get so heavy when wet I choose to display them in a large planter or pot so they look like a topiary.
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