What says “I like you” more than a concrete cupcake? They look sweet and are half-baked in a humorous way. In terms of potential holiday table decor and DIY gifts, these little treats — one of many in the new book “Concrete Garden Projects” — have all the ingredients.

Concrete Garden ProjectsPart of the appeal of Malin Nilsson and Camilla Arvidsson’s book is simplicity: Most of the pots, vases, candle holders, stepping stones and decorative figurines in the book were created using the same easy steps: Find an interesting mold, fill it with concrete, let it dry. If you’ve picked your molds well, the results look great.
Con un sencillo recipiente de vidrio, unos guijarros y unos cuantos bulbos de nardos o flores similares podremos tener este elegante elemento decorativo en poco tiempo y sin apenas esfuerzo.
You can get the materials from : amazon
My daughter is eight years old and wanted a garden of her very own really bad.  I’m not sure how dedicated she will be to this garden to I decided not to take a huge portion of my backyard for her new found love of gardening.  Not yet anyway.

She recently outgrew her homemade tent bunk bed make from cinder blocks so I had no need for these anywhere else around the house.  These are just what I needed for my garden planning project!!
How To Raised Bed Ideas

You can get the materials from : amazon
Step 1: Set up raised-bed boxes. We choose five cedar boxes called miniframbox you can get them from Amazon.
Step 2: Fill the boxes with compost.
Step 3: put in drip irrigation. With a drip system, your vegetables will get water regularly and reliably, and they’ll be happy.
Step 4: Plant your seeds.
Take stock of your project area and the paver size, type and quantities you’ll need to complete your path. The instructions here are for laying a path 20′ long and 3′ wide, but can be easily scaled up or down depending on your space. If you know the length and width of the path you’re creating, finding the square footage is a simple matter of multiplying the length by the width—in this case, 20′ long by 3′ wide, giving us a total area of 60 square feet.
Chances are your Dad is the no-nonsense type who doesn’t like to waste time on things he doesn’t care about. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like gardening, it means that digging, tilling, weeding, and watering are just chores that take him away from things he’d rather be doing. If you want to get him out in the garden, you should plant an easy care garden with rugged, sturdy plants that are drought, pest, and heat-tolerant and don’t need a lot of care and attention.
Are you looking for an easy and unique way to grow your own herbs? I have been wanting to make this topsy turvy herb garden for a few years now. I honestly thought it was going to be a lot harder to make than what it really was. It has probably been one of the easiest projects I have ever made. I also love that I am growing my own herbs and I don't have to go buy them at a grocery store! You can get the materials from : amazon
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