How to Gardening With Dad

Chances are your Dad is the no-nonsense type who doesn’t like to waste time on things he doesn’t care about. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like gardening, it means that digging, tilling, weeding, and watering are just chores that take him away from things he’d rather be doing. If you want to get him out in the garden, you should plant an easy care garden with rugged, sturdy plants that are drought, pest, and heat-tolerant and don’t need a lot of care and attention.

Dad’s Easy Care Garden

When your garden bed is ready, lay down a good quality weed barrier before you begin planting. This will ensure Dad doesn’t spend his free time pulling pesky weeds out of the garden, and it will earn you plenty of brownie points to use down the road.

For Dad’s garden, look for plant selections that are heat, pest, and drought tolerant as this will ensure that he doesn’t have to stand outside with a water hose or pesticide.
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