How To Raised Bed Garden Designs

My daughter is eight years old and wanted a garden of her very own really bad.  I’m not sure how dedicated she will be to this garden to I decided not to take a huge portion of my backyard for her new found love of gardening.  Not yet anyway.

She recently outgrew her homemade tent bunk bed make from cinder blocks so I had no need for these anywhere else around the house.  These are just what I needed for my garden planning project!!

UPDATE:  Look at the little creature we found in our garden today!  Wow!  He’s not so little is he?  After much research it turns out that this is a Moth Hawk caterpillar and it will devour your tomatoes within hours!  If you are looking for a non-chemical way to treat them, here are a few options:  Fresh Garlic mixed with water will repel them.  Dawn soap with water will coat the plants and create a glue they don’t like.  I was also told to just pick them off and get rid of them.  Usually there are only one or two but they are very hard to see.
You can get the materials from : amazon
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