DIY Tiki Torches

There is something magical about a summers night in the garden. Warm air, stars, nostalgia, good friends… Being in the garden at night feels like you get permission to share in the quiet part of nature’s day… It’s relaxing, a little mysterious, and a lot of fun. However, we have two problems hanging out in the garden after the sun goes down. One is light, the other is bugs. We have a solution for both! DIY tiki torches to light up your outdoor garden spaces so you can make merry long after sunset. And these projects can be used as mosquito repellent as well by using citronella torch fuel, what a great bonus! Easy and fun projects, and they have a little artsy quality to them as well, which is not what you will find from the cheap raffia tiki torches you find at the discount store. So DIY the night!

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