Create a Stylish Patio with Large Poured Concrete Pavers

Here, Nicole takes us through all the steps that were involved in creating her paver and gravel patio.
Poured Concrete Pavers and Gravel Patio
The most challenging part of our recent patio makeover for the The Home Depot Patio Style Challenge, was building the cement paver patio. I always wanted large pavers to anchor the outdoor space, and I knew making them ourselves would be a doozie. But I also knew that creating poured concrete pacers would be the most cost effective approach.

So, here are some things to ponder first if you’re considering these for your own outdoor project:

How much an area do you want to cover? And what size do you want the pavers to be? Perfect squares throughout will be the easiest way to go since you’ll just need to divide the square footage of the planned area by the size squares you’ve settled on. I wanted really large rectangular pavers which meant having skinnier pieces along the perimeter to finish things out within my preferred patio size of 20 ft. x 26 ft.
If the area just has dirt, then prepare to level it as best as possible.
If there’s grass, then it’ll need to be removed to create a level bed for the pavers. Some additional soil may be needed to make sure it’s level.
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