Log Planter & Log Mushrooms Step

Gardens come in a spectacular variety of types and kinds. From simple vegetable gardens to elaborate displays of grandeur. But what is a garden without the “decorations” that defines the garden. So to make your garden look even more beautiful than it looks now here is what I am bringing to you: make your very own log planter and also how to decorate a log from the garden with mushrooms.

Build your very own log planter to save money and add character. Just follow the steps: Depending on your needs and space select a log of appropriate size. A straight cut edge is fine. But if you wish to make corners for framing an area, then cut the ends at 45 degree angles to make square corners. Cut or plane one side flat to act as a sturdy base for the bottom. Mark out the area of the log to remove for the soil medium. Drill a series of holes along your guide line. Then use a chisel to hollow out the core area. Drill a few drainage holes through the bottom. If you chose to stain the wood or treat it with insecticides, It is best to line the inside with a plastic planter tray. But for a more rustic look you may forego those steps and place soil mix directly into the void area. This will eventually encourage moss growth for a very natural effect. And there you have it!! A log planter made by you!!!
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