How To Upside Indoor Plants

well it’s the middle of april, and i must have springtime on the brain, because all i want to do is look at plants all day. i have had my eye on the sky planters by boskke since christmas time; something about upside down plants really strikes me as beautiful and intriguing. but i am low on funds, so i decided to try making my own with leftover containers from the various food items that make their way through my kitchen. surprisingly, there are a lot of container options for these nifty planters! the best are tins cans with plastic lids (items that usually come in these include coffee
, instant cocoa mix, fiber drink mix, basically anything powdered or loose…yum!) or good old plastic bottles- the very symbol of consumer vs. environment. i researched tirelessly on the internet for some tips of upside down planters and saw many methods, but in the end i decided to combine some things and experiment with a few other ideas to come up with my own way which has worked out quite nicely. these are cheap, easy to make, and have had good results so far. i feel for you urban gardeners out there with no outdoor space, and i hope these can bring some green into your rooms for spring. have fun!! – kate
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