Some Fun Fact about Avocados
Call them ahuacatl, avocaat, abogado, avocatier, agovago pears or alligator pear, from guacamole to sushi, the world over has enjoyed avocados in a variety of ways. Once considered to have an aphrodisiac effect in many cultures, avocado growers put a lot of effort into dispelling this reputation to increase its popularity.
From guacamole to sushi, avocados have been enjoyed for centuries by all cultures. The fruit of the avocado has been reported to have healthy cardiovascular effects. Avocado oil is now used for many dermatological applications. It has also been reported to have beneficial effects against osteoarthritis.
Most of all – they taste good!

Onions are edible bulbs. They are members of the allium family, along with chives, garlic, leeks, shallots and ornamental alliums. Onion bulbs are round or oblong and are composed of concentric layers. They can have either a pungent smell and taste or be quite sweet, depending on the variety.

Early in the season, onions send up tubular, hollow leaves, before beginning to form bulbs. Most onions are biennial, so you will seldom see an onion flower. Multiplier onions or Egyptian walking onions are a perennial variety that does indeed send up a flower stalk with a clump of tiny bulbs or bulbils on top. When the top becomes to heavy to stand, it falls over. The bulbils take root, forming new plants and giving the perennial onion its description of walking.

You’ll need :

12 empty eggshell halves from large eggs.
Potting soil.
Easy to grow flower, vegetable and herb seeds.
Plastic egg carton.
Clear plastic bag larger than an egg carton.
Water spritzer or plastic squeeze bottle for watering
When it’s time to transplant the young plants outdoors, place them in the soil, eggshell and all. Crush the eggshells a bit and they will provide nourishment to the soil and your growing plants.
It’s seems like every year I just barely miss the optimal planting dates– Spring seems to just kind of spring up on me! The sooner you start, the sooner you will have a garden full of beautiful vegetables, so don’t be a procrastinator like me. Starting your plants indoors is a great reminder of the warmer days ahead.
Valentine’s day is approaching soon, so it is time to start with preparation for the most romantic holiday. If you are fan of this holiday, then you for sure will keen to decorate your home or outdoor space to create romantic atmosphere. This post we will focus on your home’s outdoors, as they are also need proper decoration. A sign or a wreath is the most popular ornament to make your outdoors Valentine-friendly. But it is not only about them, there are a lot of wonderful decorations that you can make to create romantic atmosphere in your home’s outdoors. Below follow outdoor Valentine decor ideas, which will wake up your fantasy and get the idea how to decorate your home. Get inspired!
Summer is here and almost everyone love spending time outdoors with family and friends, especially the summer evenings. Summer nights are perfect for relaxing outdoors, such as barbeques, cool refreshing drinks… But unlike hot summer days, the summer evenings are cool and breezy, so you will need a warm spot in your garden or yard. An open fire pit with circle sitting area will be the best choice for you. It can be an entertainment and comfort zone of your home’s outdoor and a great night gathering place. If you want more ideas about round firepit area, then you are at the right page. These cool ideas will make sure you own a great summer night on an open sky.
Since we are in the heart of gardening season, this is often the time when many plant problems begin or are really happening! You can often notice your plants getting sick, whether a pretty plant or a food plant. The leaves are the biggest indicator that there is a problem with the plant or that the plant is sick by the color or look of the leaves.  It can be pests, lack of nutrients or even lack of water or sun.  Well, the EASIEST way to diagnose the problem is by having a visual that shows what your plant leaves look like.

Going Natural Is the Way to Go

It’s time to take a stand against harmful processed food being sold today and move towards natural, organic and healthy options. What better way to do that than to grow your own garden?
Gardening isn’t actually a foreign concept in the U.S. During World War 2, foods were rationed, and there was also a lack of transportation and manpower, halting food distribution across the country. To solve this dilemma, the government called on Americans to start “victory gardens” in their homes.
Starting your own garden provides you with amazing benefits. The most crucial would probably be having easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables that are not contaminated with dangerous pesticides and herbicides.
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Have you ever seen that incredible shrinking hose on late night television commercials? I’ve got a news flash for you . . . they don’t work. We thought we’d found the answer to our problems and could get rid of our hose holder but alas, it wasn’t to be. So instead of coming up with ways to get rid of our hose holder, we decided instead to build our own. Yes – we embraced the idea of a hose caddy. But we also decided we could make it prettier than a regular hose caddy, and that we could make it out of pallet wood. Which after this table and this art, we had copious amounts of laying around.

Espalier is an old-school method of growing plants against a wall in a two-dimensional pattern. The technique was developed in 17th-century France as a way to increase the yield of fruit trees in small garden spaces. Despite its historic horticultural roots, an espalier is actually relatively easy to recreate in your own garden. It’s the perfect way to add vertical visual interest (especially if you have a small garden), since it doesn’t block light and takes up virtually zero land space.

Keep reading for my foolproof tips and fast-growing plant recommendations for creating a simple and superchic espalier garden trellis at home.
The Polanter Vertical Gardening System is a simple and practical kit and is hung onto walls or fences with the brackets provided. The brackets remain fixed to the wall and the Polanter can be lifted off the brackets to enable it to be re-planted and then easily re-hung by slotting the Polanter back onto the brackets. The planting holes for the Polanter measures approximately 4cm across and are ideal for planting plug plants. The Polanter Vertical Gardening System comes in a choice of 8 colours (see the table below). The price for this product is.. £ 21.98 (UK) – or $29.95 (US) … Below you can watch how to plant your Polanter…
The term DIY rain a feature is widely used nowadays and perhaps the main reason behind this phenomenon is that there are many ideas related to DIY rain features which have surfaced recently and it seems that there is no stoppage as far as these ideas are concerned. Due to increase in the communication mediums nowadays it has to be said that the sharing of new ideas has become very fast and with each passing day we are being presented with a new idea related to DIY rain features. Given in the circumstances, it was not humanly possible for us to cover all these brilliant ideas however we surely had the capacity to share with our readers some of these ideas which we think stand out from others as far as DIY rain features is concerned. The ideas are discussed briefly in the points below:
 The courtyard is a great place for enjoying your relax time. If you are looking for some ideas to enhance the beauty of your courtyard, then you should take a look at these inspirational examples of how to decorate the garden with pebbles. Pebbles are great materials for gardening design close to nature. They are easy to find and can be painted to your favorite colors. In these days, short plants and pebbles are becoming more and more popular in garden designs, as they are easy to maintain and can create charming patterns in a variety of ways. You can imagine that your courtyard decorated with pebbles will be more attractive and beautiful, and sure to offer unforgettable moments to your guests and visitors.
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