Starting your own seeds at home is an easy way to increase the variety of garden plant options that are available. Our own grow2girl from the Home Depot Garden Club forums shows you how to get started.


Seed Starter Kit
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When you're living at 7,750 feet above sea level, with a summer growing season of 80 days, at best, between killing freezes, how can you grow your own food? The answer, as it turns out, is pretty cool: A geodesic dome solar greenhouse.

You can get the molds from Amazon.
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Oh, how I love this. I had 8 cats at one time, 7 were strays and my son got 1 from his girlfriend at the time. Well, we moved to the busiest subdivision in the South and 2 were hit by cars and 3 more were sick. I wish I would of done something like this. What an awesome tunnel!
You can get the molds from Amazon.
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Compound miter saw or circular saw
Drill/driver with a 3⁄8-inch spade bit and 3⁄32x3-inch bit
Speed Square
Adjustable wrench
4-foot level
Garden spade
120-grit sandpaper
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