This 3½-foot-tall box, is an especially easy project, taking only a few hours to build. Just buy a ready-made redwood window box at the nursery and attach sturdy legs. Then all you have to do is fill it with soil and plant.
This is a portable greenhouse, good to start seeds or small vegetables  (basil, parsley, salad, cilantro...). it's really fast and easy to built, and super economic and ecologic, I made mine all out of scraps and in little more than an hour.
Great idea! How exceiting to be able to watch birds build their nest and hatch their babies right from my own window. Love the simple yet sturdy construction. The natural wood can be left as is, or finished if desired. The instructions gave ideas for placement, and it stuck easily to my window with very secure suction cups. you can get the Nest Box from Amazon
 The whole system only took about 30 minutes to install. I had never dealt with any plumbing at all before and it was extremely easy. The snap nozzle at the end of the hose is great and quick if I need to use the other end of the hose for something else. It's great! You can get the Snip-n-Drip Soaker System from amazon.
Gardens come alive when butterflies visit. They’re fun to watch, and they’re fascinating for kids, who can learn how butterflies transform from eggs to caterpillars, and from pupas to adults. A raised butterfly island bed will attract these winged guests to your property. Keep a camera and garden journal handy to observe them, or just sit back and enjoy the colorful show.
How To for Recycling Car Wheels in Peru
Wood Plant Hangers And Bird Feeders
How To Make Tin Like Lantern
Incredible Fire Pit Design Ideas
How To beehive in a jar
Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden
Convert Beer bottles into the shape of a vase
When to Plant : Plant The crowns in early-mid spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Keep the asparagus patch free of weeds, especially for the first couple of years.
Watering : Water frequently as crowns get established. After a few years, supplemental water should be required only during periods of drought.
If you do this in your backyard remember to be careful you may need to ad reinforcements underneath. Pallets aren't made to be walked on just to hold evenly distributed weight.
When to Plant : Extremely frost sensitive, corn planted in soils cooler than 55 degrees (65 for super-sweet varieties) fails to germinate or has very poor germination. Direct-sow only after night temperatures are consistently in the 50s. Plant in blocks of at least 3 rows, at least 3 feet long apiece, to ensure best pollination. Hand-pollinate by gently shaking plants toward one another if you cannot devote this much space.
Most patios take time, and days of effort, to build. But a small, detached patio like the one pictured here comes together quickly with minimal effort.
Think of the possible uses for this circle of bricks. You can tuck it into a perennial border. Or place it in a remote corner of your garden, where you can linger at day's end over a glass of wine, or on Sunday morning with a latte while perusing the papers.
Vertical Garden Using Plastic Milk Bottles
I planted my columnar apple trees a few days after they arrived. I can't believe how fast the trees are growing and they have some blossoms. The trees look great. I may not get fruit this season but i confident for next year. We made a good choice and good purchase.
Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle. so the kids can see what is happening, I love the idea.
When to Plant : Plant The crowns in early-mid spring, as soon as the soil can be worked. Keep the asparagus patch free of weeds, especially for the first couple of years.
Watering : Water frequently as crowns get established. After a few years, supplemental water should be required only during periods of drought.

I half expected these things not to work and out plants would be dead after returning from a holiday vacation. Surprisingly, as simple as these are they worked great. Plants kept with constant moisture. Now we leave them in all the time and just refill the vases. Someone should make a tank that can clip on the outside of the pot. Only note is that you need to fill the ceramic plug completely full with water and immerse the tubes to ensure the capillary action works to pull water into the spike.
Starting Seeds Tips:
Provide a proper home to your seeds. Seeds want more than plain old garden soil. I normaly use a Seed Starting Mix, or Peat Soil Pellets Seeds Starting Plugs that expand with water. Always read the seed packet manual. It'll tell you when to start the seeds. or when to move the plants outside, or info on sun requirements, spacing .... Conveniently, most seedlings like the same temperature: between 65°F and 72°F (18°C and 22°C). you can regulate soil temperature by placing a Heat Mat under the tray. Water is vital. But if young leaves get wet, it can lead to rot. So use a pitcher with a narrow spout to apply water directly to the peat.
Una manera sencilla de crear un elegante mini jardín vertical con hierbas aromáticas como el orégano, el cilantro o el romero. Una inspiradora idea, perfecta para los amantes de la cocina natural a los que les guste tener a mano productos frescos y naturales.
Vertical Gardening is quite the trend this year. From salad gardens built on hanging wooden planks to the inventive use of hanging shoe organizers. And why not? It is the classic cook’s conundrum: You want to have fresh herbs at arm’s reach, but you haven’t got the space for an entire herb garden—or you live in an apartment with very little outdoor space. So, we created our own simple DIY solution that props your herb garden up with basic yard lattice.
2-Liter Soda Bottles have several great uses! If you cut the bottom off, you can use them to cover seedlings like mini greenhouses. They also protect them from frost, wind, and strong rain.
STEP 1: Sprout Seed Potatoes 
Put Seed Potatoes in Egg Cartons for Sprouting Sprout (“chit”) potatoes before planting. In early spring, place seed potatoes in egg boxes, with the end with the most eyes facing upward, and set them on a cool windowsill. Plant when the shoots are ¾in (2cm) long.
STEP 2: Plant Potatoes In Large Plastic Bin
If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to spruce up your patio space, consider covering that concrete slab with attractive tiles made entirely of recycled materials. Multy Home diverts over 2.5 million tons of tires from landfills to produce their green products, including the Envirotiles line of durable outdoor tiles. They can be installed on top of existing outdoor surfaces, on level dirt, and can even be put down in basement areas inside your home. We asked Above Average Joe of the Home Depot Garden Club Forums to help demonstrate how easy it can be to install Environtiles on a concrete patio surface.
First  Find a hydrangeas and cut some small branches.

2. Place your cuttings in water, at least for an hour. Then Cut the top and the top of each leave.

3. take a flower pot. And place a coffee filter inside the pot. This will prevent the soil from escaping and it will keep the soil moist.

4. Mix potting soil, manure and compose. I used 1/2 of potting soil, 1/4 of manure and 1/4 of
How To Green Keyboard
Best way to use wood ash is to spread it on the garden beds. But you should do this with precaution of not exaggerating the doses as wood ash increases the pH
Wood ash contains calcium carbonate around 25%, potassium 3% and other useful elements like phosphorous, manganese and zinc. In terms of commercial fertilizer, wood ash contains 0-1-3 (N-P-K).
Learn how to grow dragon fruit, it’s one of the most strange looking subtropical fruit you’d like to grow in your garden. Growing dragon fruit is fairly easy both outdoors or in the pot.
Growing Regions

Dragon fruit is native to Central America and grown throughout the subtropical and tropical part of China, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Nicaragua.
Mango is tart, spicy and sweet in flavor. Also called as king of fruits, it’s a fruit of tropical plant called mango tree, which is not frost tolerant and dies easily if temperature drops below 30 F. It needs lot of space to grow, too. If you’re short of space or live in colder zone then growing a mango tree on ground is impossible. Good news is that you can grow mango tree in pot.
Growing Method
 Increased Nutrient Absorption

Applying Epsom salt to the soil helps facilitate the uptake of organic soil nutrients and the faster absorption of plant nutrients reducing to a minimal level if not eliminating the need for chemical fertilizers.

Beautiful, Bountiful Roses

Epsom salt due to the abundance of magnesium is plays a very important role in flower bloom formation. This is of significant importance to rosarians , Horticulturists will agree that application of Epsom salt helps roses to produce larger blossoms in greater numbers in flowers. Epsom salt also increases chlorophyll production meaning faster growth rate for roses.

Counter Transplant Shock
Yes! For less than £20 you can create your own indoor self sustainable eco-system and we’re going to tell you how.

Bottle gardens make for a lovely display and are a wonderful way to add some greenery to your home or create an amazing table centerpiece.

Not only are they easy to make, they’re even easier to maintain – even for those of you black thumbed gardeners (complete plant amateurs). In fact, bottle gardens can flourish with a minimum of upkeep and attention, so you can sit back and relax.
well it’s the middle of april, and i must have springtime on the brain, because all i want to do is look at plants all day. i have had my eye on the sky planters by boskke since christmas time; something about upside down plants really strikes me as beautiful and intriguing. but i am low on funds, so i decided to try making my own with leftover containers from the various food items that make their way through my kitchen. surprisingly, there are a lot of container options for these nifty planters! the best are tins cans with plastic lids (items that usually come in these include coffee
Raised garden beds, also called garden boxes, are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails. The sides of the beds keep your valuable garden soil from being eroded or washed away during heavy rains. In many regions, gardeners are able to plant earlier in the season because the soil is warmer and better drained when it is above ground level.
There are several types of carrots, either by length or shape. Some are long, intermediate, short, rounded, cylindrical, flattened end and tapered. The three main types of carrots are great to eat raw and cooked, elongated and thin they are for packing and last longer and sweets are for fresh consumption. Carrots are perfect to put in salads and complement a myriad of dishes. Read the article if you want to learn how to grow carrots.
There is something magical about a summers night in the garden. Warm air, stars, nostalgia, good friends… Being in the garden at night feels like you get permission to share in the quiet part of nature’s day… It’s relaxing, a little mysterious, and a lot of fun. However, we have two problems hanging out in the garden after the sun goes down. One is light, the other is bugs. We have a solution for both! DIY tiki torches to light up your outdoor garden spaces so you can make merry long after sunset. And these projects can be used as mosquito repellent as well by using citronella torch fuel, what a great bonus! Easy and fun projects, and they have a little artsy quality to them as well, which is not what you will find from the cheap raffia tiki torches you find at the discount store. So DIY the night!
gardener adapts to the climate, as Jordan did with its brown golfing greens. Still, it’s not all arid desert and sand in the Middle East. Many countries here contain hilly, wooded areas where damp winters allow enough moisture for moss to thrive. See our comments on the restoration of the Carmel Forest after the disastrous fire of a year ago there.
Get inspired by this list of 20 amazing DIY garden ideas, including, painted rock markers, moss graffiti and water bottle sprinkers, showing why you don’t have to blow the bank to give your garden some style!
(1) It’s absolutely free.

You already bought the vegetable. All it costs is a few tablespoons of water… but if you’re smart about it, you can re-use water you’ve already used for boiling pasta or while you were waiting for the shower to get hot.

(2) It’ll trim your grocery budget.

Granted, you won’t get a huge harvest out of any of these items, but it’s still food and every little bit helps. Even if it’s a few leaves of lettuce to scoop your tuna salad with, it’s food you didn’t have to buy!
water feature
Designing a DIY water feature can be a challenge if you are on a tight budget. It can be even more of a challenge if you are looking for a contemporary water feature to fit in with an updated garden space.
Here is a great solar powered water feature that combines the beauty of natural materials with a more modern design, and does it all for less that $30!
When it comes to gardening, sometimes figuring out the best way to grow things can be a hassle. Different plants require different amounts of spacing, watering schedules, seed depth, etc. Tomatoes are a plant that likes to grow upward, and tomato cages are a great way to facilitate that growth. Here are a few simple but effective ways to make your own tomato cages.
We love this living willow outdoor structure that gives you another living room in your garden ! Look so romantic ! More Living Willow Structures by Bonnie Gale on her website.
We all have those little trinkets around our home, to personalize our space, remind us of memories, or simply to showcase our creativity. But did you ever think of having garden trinkets? You know, cute decorative things that just make you smile? After all, the garden is an extension of the home.

Simply cut the bottom off of a plastic pot and bury it in the ground! Use it for invasive plants that tend to grow too large and take over your garden. This simple garden technique limits the growth of the root system, giving you better control over the size of the plant once it reaches maturity, and also protects the plants around it.
Gardening is fun because you get such a great reward for your labors–food & flowers! But if animals eat your produce before you do, it’s quite a bummer. That’s why raised garden beds are such a great idea. They can help protect your seedlings from unwelcome animals. And the good news is that it’s relatively simple to make a raised bed yourself! I gathered some great DIY ideas for building a raised garden–I hope you find some inspiration!
Growing herbs is one homesteader skill that everyone should know (in my opinion, that is). It may be a challenge though in case you don’t have any space outside or when winter is coming. This may pose a problem but don’t you worry, the solution is just inside your home, an indoor herb garden! If you haven’t considered it, well, these indoor herb garden ideas will show you how.
Following these tips will lower your food bills and provide you with a never ending supply of fruits, vegetables and herbs that you can use in your cooking. Some of these foods are easy to regrow at your home from leftover scraps, and some of them can even be grown right on the kitchen counter. Give them a try!
Pomegranate tree if grown under optimal conditions, live up to 200 years. It is native to Middle East (Iran) and South Asia. It is a shrub or small tree that might grow up to 6 m (20 ft) but usually reduced to 2 m.
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